What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash

What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash

Riding motorcycles is a fun way to travel, but it is also the least safe vehicle on the road. Yes, accidents may occur on the road at any time, which is why you should always remain prepared. Here are a few things of which you should be aware: Spokane

Check for Injuries

Your first reaction may be anger at the other driver. However, you should always check for injuries first, both for yourself and the other driver. Check to see if you can move all your limbs and make sure everyone else is alright. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately.

Get off the Road

Once everyone is okay, get all the vehicles off the road as soon as possible. Make sure the vehicles are at a safe location. This will ensure smooth flow of traffic and will let you resolve the situation much quicker. You should try to get the help of those around you as well as make use of hazard lights, warning triangles, or other road signage to notify oncoming traffic.

Take Note of the Surroundings

Once everything has been taken care of, try to notice your surroundings. Yes, it may be difficult if you are hurt or injured, but it is of utmost importance. See if you can pinpoint the location of the accident, speed limits, lighting, direction of vehicles, and road conditions, among other things, before continuing. This will help you when filing insurance claims; it will also help you legally as the police will want to know details once they arrive.

Call the Police

Once everything has been taken care of, call the cops, especially if anyone is injured. You should also immediately call them if there is any substantial property damage, particularly if it is over $500.

The police report is extremely important to you as it will help you with your insurance. This is specifically true if you have suffered any injuries or if there is any damage to your bike. Remember, injuries may not be apparent now but can show up days even weeks later. So, you should be extra vigilant just in case.

Do Not Admit Your Fault

Finally, never admit that you caused the accident. While the event itself can be jarring and may disorient you, never accept responsibility for it. Talk to witnesses and wait for the police report before jumping to conclusions. Also, note that memory can be unreliable, so never admit anything as you cannot take it back later. It will also not help with insurance.

Always take help from professionals if you ever get into a motorcycle accident. Your best bet for help is to contact a motorcycle accident attorney. They have the best advice, such as personal injury compensation , and ideas to help you recover from your accident.