What Is Plastic Surgery considered an Outpatient Procedure?

One of the most common questions about Seattle Plastic Surgeon concerns whether it is an “off-site” or “in-house” cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery performed in an office setting, which is commonly referred to as an outpatient facility, is when a patient goes to the plastic surgeon’s office for a consultation and then gets the surgical procedure done at that same office. The reason that many people get plastic surgery done off site is that it can be more expensive to transport patients to a local plastic surgeon’s office rather than having them come to the office itself. Because of this higher cost, some people decide to go out of their way and have plastic surgery done in an out-of-town or remote area.

Another way that some people choose to go about having plastic surgery done is that they do not wish to travel to the plastic surgeon’s office for one reason or another. For instance, some people may have health insurance that will cover some of the expenses associated with plastic surgery. This is usually known as a “contingency” payment. Other people will pay the entire cost of the plastic surgery, and this is known as a “keys” payment.

What happens if the plastic surgery is not covered by your insurance? In this case, you will need to find other funding sources for your procedure. The best way to do this is to talk with your surgeon and ask what your options are. If you find that there are no options available directly through your insurance policy, you may be able to arrange for the surgery to be done at another facility (most medical clinics have a surgical unit that performs elective procedures).

Does the location where the plastic surgery is done have the necessary equipment for the procedure? You will want to make sure that you have all of the equipment (including the anesthesia) that is necessary for the surgery. Most plastic surgeons recommend that you do not take oral sedatives, because doing so can interfere with recovery. Additionally, you may experience severe bleeding and fluid loss after the surgery, which can cause further complications if not treated properly. Be sure to discuss these issues with your surgeon.

Does the patient need to make any lifestyle or dietary changes to be able to have the surgery? These changes include any weight loss, smoking, alcohol, or prescription medications that the patient may currently be taking. It is important to consult with your doctor before having any procedures done, as you may have conditions that will make it impossible for you to safely have the procedure done. For example, if you are a smoker, chances are that you will not be able to have the liposuction procedure done if you are a smoker. If you are an alcoholic, you should not drink alcohol before the procedure.

Is Cosmetic Surgery in Seattle WA considered an outpatient procedure? With many plastic surgeries, patients can return home the same day they have their procedure done, in some cases within an hour. Your surgeon will discuss your recovery options with you, including whether you will be able to drive yourself to your home the next day, but most elect to drive themselves home afterwards. Some surgeons recommend at least one day of rest after the procedure, but most do not like to keep patients on bed rest for more than one day.

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