The UK Land Registry Can Be of Great Help To an Investor

When you buy land in the United Kingdom,you can ensure your investment is safe and at the same time make the choice that much easier if you utilize the services of the UK Land Registry. It is a system that has been developed to provide an efficient and trustworthy method of registering all land ownership deals.

The UK Land Register holds all the documentation that is officially acceptable about land in both Wales and England. Every record will contain five sets of data about the property that is registered. Every land is also given a unique title number. The property register will contain the details of the land. The title plan will have details of the boundaries of the land and its exact location. A record will contain details of the proprietorship of the land and its legal owners. There will also be a charges register that will hold information about any rights,interests or mortgages on the land.

There are lots of benefits that can come from registering any land that you have acquired in the United Kingdom. It makes for a public record that gives details of the extent of ownership and any rights of way. It is a record of the legal title to the land that guarantees ownership rights. This legal status then goes a long way in reducing the possibilities of fraud and other disputes that can arise about the land. Covenants and mortgages also find a way into this record and give them a legal status that is acceptable in all courts of law.

When you are in the initial stages of buying land in this country,you can get all the necessary data about the land and be assured of its authenticity. The UK Land Registry does give you this information at a price however,and this can vary depending on the type of information that you seek and its details.

You then have access to the name of the owner of the property,its description and any details of any detrimental conditions on the property,restrictions and rights of way,that may have some effect on the way you view the property and its suitability for investment. Lands registered after March 31st 2000 will also have the price of the property registered in the records. You can also get details of the mortgage and the name of the lender.

The UK Land Registry has 24 offices,all over the UK and each office is responsible for the records of the counties that it has jurisdiction over. When you are in the need for information on the land you are planning to purchase,you need to contact the land registry office that has jurisdiction over the particular land. There is a fixed scale of fees depending on the type of information that you want,and once this is paid you will be sent the required information and documents giving you the details you need. You can also get this information via the world wide web by logging on to the land registry website.

Also when needed the registry information can even be of use in boundary or other land disputes.

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