Famous Downtown Chicago Italian Beef Restaurant Buona Beef Opens New Location Near The Loop

A beloved,well-known Italian beef shop in Chicago will open its third location in the city’s West Loop neighborhood,it was recently announced. Buona Beef’s third location is set to open up in an old Harold’s Chicken restaurant,another downtown Chicago favorite. The Buona Beef will be able to serve up residents of nearby temporary housing complexes in their new 2,100 square foot facility.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the vibrant West Loop community,” Joe Buonavolanto,Jr.,a second-generation Buona owner,said in a statement released to the Chicago media. “This location is distinctive in that it is steeped in Chicago history รข a fitting location to continue the city’s great Italian beef tradition.”

If you aren’t familiar with Buona Beef,you can expect to find traditional Chicago food staples like Italian beef,Italian sausage and meatballs. If you aren’t into Italian food or Chicago classics,protein shakes,salads and various sandwiches will also be available. For the alcohol lovers,beer and wine will also be available.

Though this location is only the third in the city,it is actually the 24th nationwide. After opening in late November,it will be yet another place in Chicago to get a classic Italian beef. The owners plan to let customers sit on their patio during the warmer months. The West Loop location will seat up to 56 people.

At the opening,on November 24,owners offered a free sandwich to everyone who was waiting in line at 10AM for the debut. Because of the proximity to nearby short term rentals and corporate housing,the owners are sure to attract quite a few customers during their first year. If you aren’t nearby West Loop,we encourage you to check out Buona Beef’s other locations throughout the city. While they are all unique in their own way,the menu is likely to remain virtually the same at each location.